The production at Avesta Works includes the production of stainless steel, continuous casting, hot rolled strips, cold rolled strips and layered hot rolled and cold rolled plates. In addition, hot rolled strips are also produced from raw material from the steel mills in Sheffield and Tornio.

Outokumpu Avesta process flow


The work environment management at Avesta Works

A systematic work environment management is the basis for being able to prevent ill health and accidents. The work environment management at Avesta Works is organized in a WEC-structure (Work Environment Committees). WEC plans, implements and follows up the work environment management in their area. This is in regards to, for example, risk analyzes, safety inspections, as well as the management and analysis of incidents, accidents and ill health.

As the overall committee there is the CWEC (the Central Work Environment Committee) which works with common work environment issues. There are also permanent and temporary workgroups that handle specific issues.


Online safety course and knowledge test

1. Introduction

2. General

3. Awareness of the risks

4. Coordination of contractors

5. High-risk work

6. Safe access

7. In case of an accident

8. Test