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Fueled by a high-octane blend of advanced technology and a long, proud tradition, the Avesta mill showcases precision performance. One of Outokumpu’s fully integrated production sites, Avesta redefines excellence.

Duplex stainless steel was invented in Avesta in 1930. That heritage continues today in a facility housing a melt shop, hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill and finishing lines, and its vital Group R&D centre.

The Avesta mill specializes in thick and wide materials (2-meter-wide coil and sheet) and special grades in the Forta, Ultra and Therma ranges. In addition to finished coil products, Avesta delivers black hot band to sites in Nyby, Sweden, and in Germany, as well as slabs to Degerfors for quarto plate production. 

Avesta Prefab operations specialize in producing blanks for suction roll shell, heavy plate fabrication, press and roll forming of quarto plates, welding and heat treatment. 

Avesta Press Plate is a highly advanced manufacturer of customized press plates, ready-to-use plates for the hardboard industry, and semi-finished niche plates for the laminate industry.


Working at Avesta

Outokumpu employs some 700 people at the site in Avesta. If you are interested in working in employment opportunities such as summer jobs, traineeships and degree project work, please contact the local HR at sofia.nyman@outokumpu.com


Health and safety certificate

To ensure the safety of all shared workplaces at the Avesta mill, a safety certificate has been devised for contractors. The certificate ensures that all employees working in Avesta have adequate knowledge in occupational safety, health and safety coordination, and risks.

All employees of contractors and Outokumpu Avesta must attend the safety certificate course and successfully complete an online safety course, which is offered in Swedish and English. The goal is to protect employees from accidents.

Key capabilities

Thick and wide

  • 2-meter-wide coil and plate in the Forta, Ultra and Therma ranges

Plate prefabrication

  • Shell blanks ready for machining, or turned and drilled according to customer specification

Press plates

  • Highly resistant to damage – like dents and scratches – with an exceptional degree of flatness

We produce

Cold rolled coil, strip and sheet
Hot rolled coil, strip and plate

Avesta downloads

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