Stainless steel is suited to a wide range of environments

Choosing the right stainless steel grade is the key to maximize performance and minimize cost in any industry. Outokumpu experts are ready to help you make the best choice for your needs.


Building and infrastructure: Stainless Legacy

We build our personal and collective legacies every day. We want to leave an unforgettable legacy. We want to be proud of what we did and how we did it. A stainless legacy, to an engineer, means doing things properly. A stainless legacy, to an architect, means giving a personal push to the creative and functional limits of the profession. It’s about leaving your mark. Through your work, you tell stories, even after you’re gone. The story you want to tell, well, you want it to be stainless. True visions are crafted from stainless steel.

Our stainless steels and expertise help to create civilization’s basic structures that answer both aesthetic and functional needs.


Energy and heavy industry: Stainless Control

The backbone of our everyday life has to be unbreakable. Within the extremes we work in, failure is not an option. The cold is raw and the heat infernal. The need for durability and innovative thinking are taken to a different scale. Where a single mishap can escalate into a full-blown crisis you need reliability. You have to be on top of the situation. You need total control. You need stainless steel.

Sustainable stainless steel solutions and expertise for the most demanding processes and conditions, where failure is not an option.


Automotive and transportation: Stainless Performance

Taking tons or tens of tons from standstill to full speed requires materials that endure enormous forces and the ever growing human ambition to go further. Again and again, through uncountable number of repetitions the material carries on, carries you on, without ever giving in. So carefully designed it can be at the same time light, strong and beautiful. You can put it on rails or race tracks and it reflects the streets and deserted lonely highways. It responds to their call. It’s up to the task. Made to wonder, to take you to the place where you should be. Stainless steel.

High performance stainless steel materials and solutions for the vehicles and transportation of the future.


Home appliances: Stainless Contact

A dance. A swirl of this clear material. Stainless steel. A continuous and ever evolving choreography of stainless tools is constellating around you. Helping you to be more. Forks and spoons. Extra arms and fingers. Desks and dishwashers. More hours into your day. The extended you. Your ability to be more. To create more and be more productive. Our lives with all their glory. This wonderful experience of life. To support it we need firm surroundings: controllable and hygienic surfaces. Solid materials that don’t jitter. All made of stainless steel.  We want to use beautiful materials that magnify and mirror our lives through their shine and perfection.

We provide optimal stainless steel to support in partnership the fast innovation and production cycles of our customers in creating appliances for today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.


Sustainability: Stainless Stainless

Up to now, life on this planet has been a dirty game. We needed food. We needed a place to live. We needed cities, roads, bridges, vehicles, energy. We needed to move forwards, and faster every day. Incredible when you think about it.

But we couldn’t have become this… this civilization, without making an impact. Every one of us knows by now that it couldn’t go on like before. No more surprises. Time and again… our stainless contains the most recycled content in the business. It doesn’t degrade and it stands the test of time. It’s clean and cost-efficient. It pays for itself. Transparency and accountability are our cornerstones; you can rest assured that our supply chain is as stainless as our steel. There’s nothing to hide. Including Outokumpu’s stainless steel makes any product more sustainable. It’s indispensable to a world that lasts forever. We make stainless stainless.

Our expertise and way of production make our stainless steel stainless.



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Mar 04, 2019