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Today’s automotive industry is driven by a global emphasis on sustainability, safety and efficiency. Stringent regulatory controls on emissions and fuel efficiency require new approaches to challenges like increased engine temperatures. Materials that can handle high temperatures and corrosive environments are essential.

For engine downsizing and component weight reduction, stainless steel – in plate and sheet, coil, strip, precision strip and bar – offers intriguing possibilities. Outokumpu leads the industry in high-strength Forta grades, Therma grades for exhaust systems and Moda grades for trim, exhaust and Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) systems. 

Lightweight, high-strength materials translate into a safer and more cost-efficient alternative, one that offers strength, superb corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and recyclability.

Benefits of using stainless steel in automotive


  • Structural parts/Body in white
  • Engine components
  • Exhaust and GDI systems
  • Trim elements
  • Automotive fuel tanks
  • Seat structures, steering columns and dash cowls
  • Channels, pillars and bumpers


  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • High strength, lightweight material
  • Excellent crash resistance
  • Full recyclability


  • Global supplier for the automotive industry for decades
  • Worldwide availability
  • Deep understanding of the automotive industry
  • State-of-the-art research and development centers


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