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For a decade you had to choose between stainless steel and sustainability. Finally you don't need to choose. Because now you can choose Outokumpu Circle Green®.

100% stainless steel. Down to 8% the carbon footprint.

If all stainless steel was made like Outokumpu Circle Green®, it would cut the global carbon footprint by 250 million tons* – every year

* Source ISSF

The stainless steel of tomorrow. Available today.

Outokumpu has led the change towards sustainable stainless steel manufacturing for decades with one breakthrough benchmark after another. Outokumpu Circle Green® marks our biggest achievement in this pursuit to date. With a carbon footprint down to 8% of the global average, it surpasses any existing solution in sustainability and sets yet another benchmark.

A breakthrough in sustainability

Renewable and low-carbon energy

By using only renewable sources and low-carbon electricity in our production we have eliminated 95% of all scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions.

Recycled raw materials – up to 100% percent

We have the highest recycling rate and use more scrap than any other stainless steel manufacturers in the world.

Reinvented production processes

Achieved by reimagining the way stainless steel is manufactured throughout the entire value chain and then acting on it.

Fiskars Group. Leading by example.

Outokumpu Circle Green® supports Fiskars Group’s target of having the majority of the company’s net sales coming from circular products and services by 2030.

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Klöckner & Co. A partnership that delivers.

As one of the largest producer-independent distributors of steel and metal products, Klöckner has joined forces with Outokumpu to deliver the first coils of Circle Green® to the world.

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We currently offer Outokumpu Circle Green® in these ranges:


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