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For a decade you had to choose between stainless steel and sustainability. Finally you don't need to choose. Because now you can choose Outokumpu Circle Green®.

100% stainless steel. Down to 7% the carbon footprint*

If all stainless steel was made like Outokumpu Circle Green®, it would cut the global carbon footprint by 364 million tons – every year

The stainless steel of tomorrow. Available today.

Outokumpu has led the change towards sustainable stainless steel manufacturing for decades with one breakthrough benchmark after another. Outokumpu Circle Green® marks our biggest achievement in this pursuit to date. With a carbon footprint down to 7% of the global average, it surpasses any existing solution in sustainability and sets yet another benchmark.

A breakthrough in sustainability

Renewable and low-carbon energy

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By using only renewable sources and low-carbon electricity in our production we have eliminated 95% of all scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions.

100 % recycled content

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We replaced primary raw materials with recirculated raw materials, and as a result, our Circle Green is made of up to 100% recycled material.

Optimized production processes

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Achieved by looking into the entire value chain and then acting on it, such as used biogas instead of natural gas in the production process.

Circle Green: Answering your top questions

How can Outokumpu Circle Green help you reduce your carbon footrprint? What sets it apart from any other stainless steel offering in the world?

Get all the answers in Q&A

V-ZUG. No compromise on quality or the environment.

Switzerland's leading brand in household appliances, V-ZUG adopts Outokumpu Circle Green® stainless steel as the latest step in its ambitious sustainability strategy.

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ZWILLING. On the cutting edge of sustainability.​

Using Circle Green Zwilling aims to sharpen the competitive edge of its Pro series to meet the demand of a fast-growing number of consumers looking for environmentally friendly quality.

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Fissler. Premium cookware with 93% lower carbon footprint.

Outokumpu and Fissler to join forces in emission reduction. The collaboration supports the mutual mission of both companies to build things that last – and to show the direction of reducing emissions from the appliance industry.

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Stilride. On a mission to reshape mobility.

Fueled by a shared mission to contribute to a greener future, Stilride unleashed the full potential of Outokumpu Circle Green®.

The outcome is Stilride One – an electric motorbike with a lightweight yet super-strong structure and 75% less CO2 emissions folded like origami.

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Join the Industrial Evolution in your own industry

For architecture: Material beyond aesthetics

Support your design and planet equally by using Circle Green stainless steel with the world's smallest carbon footprint.

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For heavy industry: Solutions beyond materials

A long-lasting solution for your project and planet. Circle Green offers all the qualities you expect but adds one more - the world's lowest carbon footprint.

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For appliances: Sustainable beyond anything else

Stand out from the crowd. With Circle Green your appliances are not only the best in quality but the best for the planet too.

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For automotive: Driving beyond conventions

With Circle Green you take the leap by choosing a strong material with the world’s lightest carbon footprint. Put the pedal on the world’s greenest stainless steel.

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Buyer's guide

Buying sustainable stainless steel: Five things you need to know

This buyer's guide explains what the buyers of sustainable stainless steel would need to take into consideration when choosing between different suppliers. Download to read more!

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We currently offer Outokumpu Circle Green® in these ranges:


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Outokumpu Circle Green® - stainless steel of tomorrow, available today.


Transparent carbon footprint data helps to make the green transition reality

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Sustainability at Outokumpu

*Circle Green's Carbon footprint calculation & sources:

Global average CO₂ emissions (2023): 7 kg CO₂e per kg of stainless steel (Outokumpu’s calculation based on data provided by CRU, worldstainless and Kobolde & Partners AB). Outokumpu Circle Green CO₂ emissions: down to 0.5 kg CO₂e per kg of stainless steel.

The calculations are based on the following four studies (2023):304 Stainless Steel Carbon Footprint Comparison EU, Indonesia and China (2022), CRU Nickel Market Outlook Data” (2022), “The Global Life Cycle of Stainless Steels” (2019), and ISSF Stainless Steel and CO2(2022).