Summer of change at Outokumpu Sweden

Learn more about our summer job opportunities in Sweden

Our summer employees help fill in for our permanent staff during vacation season. To work at Outokumpu, you must be at least 18 years of age. We offer a variety of roles
within Production, Maintenance, and support functions like HR, Research & Development, Finance, and Supply Chain Management.

We offer

We offer you a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience for the future.

  • Competitive salary
  • A first step into the working life and towards a cultivating and exciting future
  • A safe and sustainable way of working
  • An opportunity to work towards a world that lasts forever
  • You can develop your skills through diverse and interesting work assignments.
  • 5-shift – a unique opportunity to combine working and time off during the summer. 

Our sites

We offer summer employment in various deparments in our different locations. 

  • Avesta
  • Degefors
  • (Nyby)

Feedback from our summer employees

  • I think it has been very enjoyable to be here. You learn something new all the time.
  • Very pleased with the colleagues, and those in my team were very good at teaching and taking care of me.
  • I get along incredibly well with my colleagues and also my manager. I feel that the tasks I have are very enjoyable and exciting to do. I have no problem going to work at all and I don't mind coming a few minutes early to start preparations.
  • I find that the 5-shift schedule suits me perfectly. And there are good colleagues to work with!
  • Very satisfied, the whole process from recruitment to job felt organized and planned. The summer has been good, and especially good because of the 5-shift schedule.
  • This was my second summer and I enjoyed it just as much as last summer! I got to try being in a new team, and they were very welcoming and took good care of me!
  • I am very pleased since I enjoyed both the work and my colleagues. I was welcomed and trained very well, and the job is fun. I would have liked a permanent job here.
  • It has been great! I enjoyed it a lot, everyone in the department was really friendly, helpful, and understanding. It was also very instructive and suited me well!
  • Pleasant colleagues and good managers. I love driving a big truck full-time. It fits me like a glove. I'm incredibly skilled at driving trucks and machinery and hope to get a permanent position here.
  • I feel that I have learned a lot, the work has also been interesting and exciting, and the colleagues have been very friendly. It's also fun to contribute to a more sustainable future and the development of future stainless steel.Avesta employees in controlling room

For safety reasons, employees at the production facilities in Sweden are required to understand both written and spoken Swedish. In the support functions, you can work entirely in English.

How to Apply: 

Our summer job application process starts in January.

To be offered a job at Outokumpu, you must be at least 18 years of age and have completed a health check.

You can see all our open positions on our Open Positions page.  

Keep an eye out for our job ad that will be released in January. We're looking forward to seeing your application!

A summer at Outokumpu

Meet our summer employees at Avesta

Meet our summer employees