Outokumpu is rated by several corporate responsibility indexes. Being rated by these research companies is a recognition of the fact that Outokumpu has succeeded in fulfilling certain criteria of having responsible operations. On the other hand, the independent indexes offer the chance to see which areas of corporate responsibility still have room for improvement.

Sustainability Yearbook 2022 logoOutokumpu is among the best-performing steel companies in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) by S&P Global – the leading global benchmark in the growing field of Sustainability Investing and Corporate Sustainability. Outokumpu is also included in Sustainability Yearbook 2022, indicating a position within the top 15% sustainability performers in the industry. 

In Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) assessment in 2021, Outokumpu received B rating for its performance and program in climate action. This is the second year in a row that Outokumpu reaches the B rating. This year, Outokumpu participated also in the CDP’s water security assessment, receiving the grade C.

Prime Label by ISS ESG sustainability ratingIn November 2020, Outokumpu received the ‘Prime’ label from ISS ESG sustainability rating. The label means that Outokumpu fulfills ISS ESG's demanding requirements regarding sustainability performance in the sector and serves as an indicator of the quality of the company’s performance in the social and environmental spheres. 

Outokumpu is also a Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner, providing transparent data to Nasdaq's ESG database.