Stainless steel for your needs

We can tailor stainless for almost any purpose and into all shapes and sizes from flat and long to semi-finished products. Stainless steel is an ideal material to create lasting solutions in demanding applications from cutlery to bridges, vehicles, energy and medical equipment. Its uses are endless. Thanks to its unique properties such as durability, low-maintenance and resistance to corrosion, stainless is not only the strongest, but also the most economically sustainable choice.

Outokumpu product forms

Outokumpu products come in flat products: coil, strip, precision strip, sheet, plate and quarto plate as well as long products: billets, blooms, slabs, ingots, wire rod, rebar and bar. We produce stainless steels in austenitic, ferritic, duplex, martensitic and precipitation hardened grades. All our products meet the strictest standards with respect to material and surface properties and tolerances.


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Spule und Streifen Kaltgewalzte Coils, Bänder und Bleche Präzisionsband Warmgewalzte Coils, Bänder und Platten Quartoblech Halbfertige Langprodukte Stabstahl Bewehrungsstahl Walzdraht Spezialkomponenten Ferrochrom Nebenprodukte


Outokumpu product families

Outokumpu’s legacy of innovation and consistent quality means that we have just the right product for every application. By grouping our products into two broad families with several ranges based on performance, rather than steel type, we aim to make choosing the best product for your application easier.


Outokumpu Classic family – The most commonly used stainless steels for mildly to highly corrosive environments


Outokumpu Pro family – Stainless steel products for specific applications or demanding end use


Tailoring the products for your needs

If you need further finishing actions, our service centers in the main markets complete a wide range of actions meeting your most exacting requirements. This covers everything from cutting and edge preparation through brushing, grinding and polishing, as well as the possibility for modular tailor-made components. Outokumpu plate service centers offers variety of machining, laser cutting, waterjet cutting and plasma cutting services.


Cut-to length, shearing, slitting, surface finish treatments available from Outokumpu Coil Service centers

France Hungary Italy Poland Sweden CHINA Australia Sachsenheim, Deutschland UK


Bending, machining, laser cutting, plasma cutting, sawing, waterjet cutting, welding and beams and profiles available from Outokumpu Plate Service Centers

Benelux France Italy Sweden Heidenheim, Deutschland Finland CHINA Australia UK


Prefabricated components from Press Plate and Prefab

Press plate, Sweden Prefab, Sweden

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Jan 11, 2019