Automotive webinars

Stainless steel is a vital element for future mobility.

It's time for cleaner, safer and lighter vehicles

The mobility industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Urbanization, sustainability, connectivity, autonomous driving and alternative engine technologies are setting new types of demands for vehicle designs. How do stainless steels help you to answer the ever-growing demand for cleaner, safer and lighter vehicles?

Our webinar series gives you a short introduction to the evolution of stainless steels, then focuses on the latest purpose-designed stainless steel grades and how they create new opportunities and value in vehicle engineering for future mobility.

Past webinars & events

How to design safer and lighter busses while staying cost competitive
Like the rest of the automotive industry, bus manufacturing is going through changes and experimenting with new materials. What kind of benefits can stainless steel bring to modern bus designs? Our Lead Technical Manager Barbara Mundt presents some examples.
Dr. Barbara Mundt Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
How to master the challenges of e-mobility with stainless steel
Electric mobility is here and disrupting the automotive industry. Stainless steel can be a solution to battery housings, but what should you consider when selecting the material? Our Lead Technical Manager Stefan Lindner introduces different steel options and some innovative designs.
Stefan Lindner Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
How stainless steels help to shape the future of the automotive industry
Automotive industry is in the middle of a change. Stainless steel can help us improve and design new solutions, but how did we get where we are today? Our Chief technical manager Stefan Lindner discusses the evolution of stainless steel and introduces the Forta H-Series.
Stefan Lindner Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu