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How non-magnetic stainless steels are driving the electric era of mobility
Electric mobility has arrived in our life. At the same time, the number of sensors inside a vehicle has increased significantly, making electromagnetic compatibility a key design element. A new generation of fully austenitic stainless steels offers complete non-magnetic properties, ideal for EV design, while avoiding the volatile and cost-intensive alloying element nickel. Watch our expert webinar with Stefan Lindner for insights on electrical engineering, an introduction to non-magnetic stainless steels and application examples to inspire design engineers.
How to weld stainless steel for high-performance mobility applications
With most materials, welding affects the microstructure in a negative way. The microstructure and resulting physical properties of stainless steels, however, can offer highly ductile and crash-resistance welds. Our webinar demonstrates to welding experts in the mobility industry how they can define their welding strategy to achieve high-performance welds using stainless steels. Join Outokumpu’s Thomas Hündgen and Stefan Lindner for new insights and practical examples.
How to select materials for railway applications from an economic and social perspective

Get an economic and social perspective on material selection in the railway business. How do you make accurate price calculations for the whole life cycle of a train? What materials are optimal for making new trains safe and environmentally sustainable? How can governments prepare for an increasing volume of transported goods in the future? Join our mobility and transportation expert Markus Buckner for valuable new insights.

Materials in bridges: a designer’s perspective
Choose your bridge materials for beauty and excellence. Our world-renowned guest speaker Héctor Beade-Pereda shows you how. Join us for an award-winning designer’s perspective on the potential of stainless steel as a material and meet the first stainless steel road bridge in the UK.
Design standards and sustainability in structural engineering

Do you know the latest stainless steel design standards? Learn the recent updates with US and Eurocode design standards and discover the new opportunities of sustainable stainless steel in bridge design.

Welding of stainless steel bridges
Take a crash course in welding duplex stainless steel. Our expert webinar offers valuable know-how for your bridge project, including general welding guidelines, practical tips and case examples of successful welding.

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The future of mobility

New demands for cleaner, safer and lighter vehicles are emerging, challenging the status quo of the automotive industry. How can stainless steel help you meet these new needs? What is the role of stainless steel in future vehicle engineering? Take a look into the future with our experts through our mobility webinar series. 

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