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There is a wide variety of surface finishes available on our stainless-steel products. We offer decorative cladding that perfectly matches the architect’s vision, functional and decorative surfaces for elevators and other indoor spaces.

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By default, all our patterns are embossed on a bright annealed surface finish to ensure a noble, metallic shine of the final product. If your application requires a duller look or has to comply with a glare regulation, we can emboss your selected pattern on a less reflective finish. This reduces the overall reflectance of the final product. Depending on how dull the selected base material is, the Deco product name either gets the ending “Star”, “Matt” or “Supermatt”.

Version Star: Compared to the standard Deco Linen this high-end Linen version goes through an additional production process which adds a very fine texture upon the pattern structure resulting in a more sparkling finish with slightly lower reflectance alongside with a higher homogeneity of the surface.

Version Matt: Duller than regular Linen but nonetheless a lively finish due to a smoothly and slightly glittering reflectance.

Version Supermatt: This symbiosis of pattering and industrial blasting results in a homogeneously dull finish with well below 10% specular reflectance but still showing an unobtrusive sparkle.

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