Both Leadership Team members and Board of Directors own Outokumpu shares. According to the MAR regulation, Outokumpu publishes all changes in the management shareholding as stock exchange releases.
The table below describes the share ownership of the members of our Leadership Team and Board of Directors at the year-end 2019. We publish all changes in the management shareholding, both for the Leadership Team and Board members, as separate stock exchange releases.

Part of the remuneration of both the management and Board members is paid in Outokumpu shares. For the Board members, 40% of the annual remuneration is paid in Outokumpu shares, and the share-based incentive programs are part of the overall Leadership Team remuneration.  

Shares and share-based rights owned by the members of the Board of Directors on Dec 31, 2019
Member of the Board  Shares 
Kari Jordan 122,474 
Heikki Malinen* 45,459 
Eeva Sipilä 24,823 
Kati ter Horst  23,275 
Vesa-Pekka Takala  9,225 
Pierre Vareille  34,206 
Julia Woodhouse  9,225 
Total  268,787 

*) Malinen stepped down from the Board in April 2020 to join Outokumpu as the company CEO in May.  

 Shares and share-based rights owned by the Leadership team, December 31, 2019
 Member of the Leadership Team  Shares
 Roeland Baan 1,237,567 
 Pia Aaltonen-Forsell 0
 Liam Bates  130,295
 Maciej Gwozdz  189,313
 Jan Hofmann  132,262
 Reeta Kaukiainen  0
 Olli-Matti Saksi  285,856
 Johann Steiner  143,475
 Kari Tuutti  166,579
 Total 2,285,347

Please note that there have been changes in the Outokumpu Leadership Team during the year and that this table describes the situation at the year-end 2019. 

More information

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