Stainless steel is an ideal material to create lasting solutions in demanding applications. Its uses are endless. Thanks to its unique properties such as durability, low-maintenance and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is not only the strongest, but also the most economically sustainable choice.

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Outokumpu Product Range

Outokumpu’s legacy of innovation and consistent quality means that we have just the right product for every application. We offer several ranges based on performance to make choosing the best product for your application easier

Stainless Steel Types

Outokumpu’s stainless steels can be divided into different categories which are ferritic, martensitic and PH grades, duplex and austenitic. The best steel depends on the application and together we can find the right one for every application

Flat Products

Tailored to your needs, flat products are suitable for various industries from appliances and automotive to construction, heavy industry and beyond. Our flat product forms include coil, strip, precision strip, sheet, plate and quarto plate.

Metal Powder

Outokumpu’s metal powders are high quality, customizable and sustainable raw materials for production in various Powder Metallurgy (PM) technologies. The Outokumpu metal powder portfolio comes in different grades, grain sizes, and properties for a diverse range of applications across industries.

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The sustainable choice

More than 90% recycled content

Our products almost fully use recycled steel as a raw material. In fact, we have the highest-recycled material content rate in the industry of over 90%, which includes steel scrap and waste streams from our production. This significantly reduces the need to extract new minerals and ores from the ground and minimises the environmental impact of our production processes. 

100% Recylable

Stainless steel is completely recyclable, making it a top choice of material to build our future — it offers maximum overall benefits with minimal impact on the environment. What ends today is tomorrow’s beginning — your old spoon might become a part of a skyscraper in New York or a pan in a kitchen in Paris.

75% Lower Carbon Footprint

Outokumpu’s carbon footprint is 75%* lower than of the global industry average. Key reasons for our low carbon footprint are our own ferrochrome, high recycled content and the use of low carbon electricity.

*Outokumpu stainless steel CO₂ emissions (2023): 1.52 kg CO₂e per kg of stainless steel. Global average CO₂ emissions (2023): 7 kg CO₂e per kg of stainless steel. (Outokumpu’s calculation based on data provided by CRU and worldstainless)

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