Outokumpu has significantly improved its sustainable sourcing practices in 2021 as sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do.

Last year, we renewed our ESG strategy and strengthened our focus on sustainability. Various measures were taken in sustainable raw material sourcing from commitments and policy review to increasing resources, assessing human rights risk and engaging external advisors, for example.

The tables below list measures taken in 2021 and those planned for 2022.

Commitment to the UNGP
  • Commitment to the United Nations’ Guiding Principles of Business and Human rights (UNGP)
  • Policy review to reflect this commitment
  • Renewed Code of Conduct and Supplier Requirements with emphasis on human rights
  • All personnel trained on the renewed Code of Conduct
Human rights/ UNGP implementation
  • Human rights risk assessment with Deloitte in accordance with the UNGP completed
  • Capacity building on human rights in procurement
  • Engagement of external experts for assessing suppliers’ human rights impacts
  • Identification of high-risk suppliers for on-site assessment program with external experts 
Supplier requirements and onboarding
  • Renewed Supplier Requirements with emphasis on human rights
  • Amendment to the Supplier Requirements for raw material suppliers
  • Integration of sustainability into our supplier evaluation
  • Review of suppliers’ onboarding process and intensified human rights due diligence
Supplier monitoring
  • Increased resources in supplier sustainability
  • Development of incident management process
  • Engagement of sustainability platform EcoVadis to assess suppliers
  • Supply chain mapping extended to beyond our direct suppliers
  • Collection of supplier-specific CO2 emission intensities for selected raw materials started
  • Three on site-visits after the ease of travel restrictions
  • Preparation for next human rights impact assessment including site visit in Guatemala


 Human rights/UNGP implementation
  • Finalization of Human Rights Policy
  • Integration of human rights risk assessment and due diligence process into existing risk management
  • Definition of actions for identified salient human rights risks, including learnings from on-site assessment in Brazil
  • Intensified human rights due diligence to be implemented in the supplier onboarding process
  • Assessment program for identified high-risk suppliers with external experts
Supplier requirements
  • Development of the Outokumpu Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Contract review to ensure that all contracts cover sustainability elements
 Supplier monitoring
  • Continue collection of supplier-specific CO2 emission data
  • Increase the number of suppliers into EcoVadis rating system
  • Evaluate suppliers with new evaluation template including sustainability
  • Increase number of on-site visits, audits and impact assessments


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