Degerfors Plate Service Center

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Expertise built over more than a century sets Outokumpu’s Degerfors Plate Service Center apart from its competitors. Deep expertise and advanced innovation make Degerfors PSC the premier solution for complex projects.

Degerfors PSC offers water jet cutting, plasma cutting and shearing, as well as Quarto plate milling, bending and welding. With a full range of products in stock at all times, short lead times are guaranteed.

Extensive cutting services range from simple standard steel to duplex and high-alloy steels in sheets up to 13 meters long and 2-100 mm thick. Customized cuts and angle cuts have high accuracy and flatness. Shearing offers a cost-effective, precise option.

An exceptionally large table (13 by 5.5 meters) elevates the Degerfors PSC water jet program from standard to superior. The large table allows two plates – or four multiples – to be cut at one time.

Many types of welded products, including I-beams and square tubes, are available in both austenitic and high-strength duplex stainless steel in lengths of up to 13 m. Edge preparation services add value and efficiency.

PSC Nordic specializes in the bending of stainless steel, from simple standard steel to duplex and high-alloy steels with press force up to 2,300 tonnes and in profile lengths up to 13 meters. Profile bending can be done in a wide range of dimensions as well as tailored to custom needs. PSC Degerfors has the capabilities and organization to support wider building projects with semi-finalized projects of which the upgrading of Söderström railway bridge in Stockholm is one good example.


Working in Degerfors

Outokumpu employs about 550 people in Degerfors. Please visit our career portal to discover open employment opportunities at our Quarto Plate, PSC Nordic and Degerfors Long Products Units. For other questions, please contact HR at

Key capabilities

Water jet efficiency

  • An exceptionally large table – 14 by 3.5 meters – streamlines the cutting process

Edge preparation

  • By grinding: V-type and X-type, angles 0-90º; by milling: V-type and X-type, angles 20-50º

Welded beams

  • Standard dimensions (IPE, HEA, HEB and HEM beam) and customized dimensions available in all weldable grades of austenitic stainless steel and high strength duplex grades

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