Degerfors Long Products

Business Area Long Products

Outokumpu’s hot rolling mill in Degerfors, Sweden is a global supplier of high quality bars as well as rolled and forged billets in a wide range of stainless steel grades.


  • Bar stock services for Nordic countries 
  • Stock for round, hexagon, square and flat bars 
  • Max one week delivery time for stock sales in Nordic countries
  • Wide range of peeled bars in large diameters with mill deliveries  
  • Rolled & forged billets

Certificates and approvals

  • ISO 9001
  • NORSOK M650
  • AD 2000 Merkblatt W0
  • PED 97/23/EC
  • Lloyd’s Register 1.4462/2205

Outokumpu Stainless AB

Bruksparken 2, 693 32 Degerfors, Sweden
Phone: +46 586 47000
VAT: SE556001874801


An integral part of Outokumpu’s Long Products business area, Degerfors Long Products has built a strong reputation in production of unparalleled service and products. Degerfors is widely regarded as the leading source for stainless steel in a wide range of rolled and forged billets and heavy bars in special grades.

Working with austenitic, duplex and ferritic stainless steel, Degerfors Long Products uses feedstock material from SMACC in the forms of ingot and bloom to produce bars and billets for forging applications, seamless tubes and rerolling into bar and wire rod.

With extensive expertise acquired through generations of steelmaking, the people of Degerfors Long Products take pride in delivering world-class products and service. That passion for excellence is the foundation of an enviable continuum of quality.

Degerfors’ commitment to quality and innovation is built on a long and proud tradition. The first ironworks there was founded in the 17th century.


Degerfors Long Products has built a solid reputation as a primary source of high-performance stainless steel bars and billets.


Degerfors’ commitment to quality and service is built on a proud tradition going back centuries.


Working in Degerfors

Outokumpu employs about 550 people in Degerfors. Please visit our career portal to discover open employment opportunities at our Quarto Plate, PSC Nordic and Degerfors Long Products Units. For other questions, please contact HR at

Key capabilities

Products for demanding applications

  • Large-diameter bars and rolled and forged billets for forging applications, seamless tubes and rerolling into bar and wire rod

Commitment to quality

  • High quality products with excellent delivery times and unique technical expertise

High-performance materials

  • Wide range of high-performance stainless steel in Core, Supra, Ultra, Forta and Prodec® grades as well as Norsok-qualified grades


    Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
Hot rolled / Black bar round   75–230 3,000–12,000
Hot rolled / Peeled bar round   70–200 3,000–12,000
Hot rolled / Black bar square   75–250 3,000–12,000
Forged billet round black, ground, spot ground finishes 150–400 3,000–12,000
Forged billet round peeled 140–230 3,000–12,000
Forged billet square black, ground, spot ground finishes 150–300 3,000–12,000
Rolled billet round black, ground, spot ground finishes 75–270 3,000–12,000
Rolled billet round peeled 70–200 3,000–12,000
Rolled billet square black, ground, spot ground finishes 75–250 3,000–12,000

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