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Jan 19, 2022

 3.30pm CET (9.30am EST). 1 hour.

How do you get the vital combination of corrosion resistance and strength?

Watch our first webinar to learn the properties and benefits of a range of different corrosion resistant alloys – austenitic, duplex and nickel – available for all your applications in the oil & gas industry. Sign up for valuable insights into material selection.

Why Outokumpu?

As the inventor of duplex stainless steel, Outokumpu brings you pioneering insights on duplex grades that offer a unique combination of strength and corrosion resistance. We are also the global leader in sustainable stainless steel production with more than 90% recycled content, highly alloyed austenitic grades, and are entering the nickel alloys market.

Our webinar covers the following topics:

  • Mechanical properties to consider

  • Corrosion resistance in aggressive environments

  • Price and volatility

  • Ideal stainless steel grades for different oil & gas environments and applications

Rodrigo Signorelli

Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu

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Rodrigo Signorelli is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and is a materials engineer with a wealth of experience in applying stainless steel in industrial markets, he provides technical advice and support to customers across the world. He has played a key role in launching new stainless steel grades in his career, as well as promoting both long and flat products.

Dr. Bernd Beckers

Project Sales Manager at Outokumpu

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Dr Bernd Beckers is Project Sales Manager for Outokumpu. Based in Krefeld, Germany, for 20 years he has worked across the value chain in the chemical, petrochemical industries to help customers utilize the corrosion resistance and strength advantages of duplex stainless steel grades.


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