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Uniform Corrosion

In this video lecture Bjorn Helmersson, a senior corrosion expert at Outokumpu, talks about uniform corrosion of stainles steel, how and when it happens and how you can avoid it.
The video also covers the test methods that help us predict the corrosion rates of our stainless steels in different environments. For example the uniform corrosion testing: ISO 18069, 24-72-72 method.
As well as key corrosion facts of Outokumpu's own product portfolio.

Björn Helmersson

Senior R&D Expert

Björn Helmersson is a Senior R&D Expert at Outokumpu’s Avesta R&D facilities in Sweden. He offers specialist advice in all aspects of the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, especially the critical importance of corrosion testing to establish the ideal grade for a specific oil and gas application.


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