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Dec 1 at 9am CET 1 hour
How to select materials for the next-generation lightweight bus

The vital demands for passenger safety, comfort and alternative powertrain technologies tend to add weight to a bus. This is a challenge, as reducing weight is precisely the key to energy efficiency. How can you optimize the weight of a bus with the right materials and choices in frame design? In our webinar, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klemens Rother presents some exciting results from a joined project with the aim to minimize structural weight while keeping material and manufacturing costs at a minimum.

Dec 15 at 9am CET Duration: 1 hour
How stainless steels help us to achieve carbon neutral mobility

There is an inevitable shift in the automotive and transportation industry towards carbon neutral mobility. Vehicle designers therefore need to give great consideration to the materials they use, from manufacture to service and end of life. How can stainless steels contribute to carbon neutrality? Our guest speaker, R&D Manager Emrah Dutkun of Stalatube, shares his insights based on over 10 years of experience in coach chassis systems at a major bus OEM. Additionally, Outokumpu specialists discuss the actions we are taking to ensure our material meets the requirements of future mobility.

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Facades and circular economy: Insights from the most sustainable stainless steel producer
Build sustainable with us. Our third architecture webinar puts focus on sustainable design and how you can contribute to a circular economy. What are the advantages of using stainless steel compared to other commonly used metals? The expert panelists include Catherine Houska, an internationally recognized consultant on architectural and structural metals, as well as Juha Erkkilä and Camilla Kaplin from Outokumpu.
Suitable stainless steel grades for your façade project
Choose the right material for optimized durability. Our second architecture webinar brings you expert knowledge on how to ensure your stainless steel façade will resist corrosion and stand the test of time – giving you valuable insights into material selection. The expert panelists include Catherine Houska, an internationally recognized consultant on architectural and structural metals, as well as Jörn Teipel and Sukanya Hägg Mameng from Outokumpu.
The aesthetics of stainless steel and how it can be processed

Stainless steel provides any façade with unique aesthetic value. Our first architecture webinar provides insights into the history of stainless steel finishes in architecture as well as modern possibilities and recent case studies showcasing the beauty of stainless steel façades. The expert panelists include Jörn Teipel and Rob Swift from Outokumpu, as well as Till Jackenkroll from POHL.

How to design safer and lighter busses while staying cost competitive
Like the rest of the automotive industry, bus manufacturing is going through changes and experimenting with new materials. What kind of benefits can stainless steel bring to modern bus designs? Our Lead Technical Manager Barbara Mundt presents some examples.
How to master the challenges of e-mobility with stainless steel
Electric mobility is here and disrupting the automotive industry. Stainless steel can be a solution to battery housings, but what should you consider when selecting the material? Our Lead Technical Manager Stefan Lindner introduces different steel options and some innovative designs.
How stainless steels help to shape the future of the automotive industry
Automotive industry is in the middle of a change. Stainless steel can help us improve and design new solutions, but how did we get where we are today? Our Chief technical manager Stefan Lindner discusses the evolution of stainless steel and introduces the Forta H-Series.

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The future of mobility

New demands for cleaner, safer and lighter vehicles are emerging, challenging the status quo of the automotive industry. How can stainless steel help you meet these new needs? What is the role of stainless steel in future vehicle engineering? Take a look into the future with our experts through our mobility webinar series. 

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