Stainless steel for bus frames

Discover the seven reasons to put stainless steel in the frame for buses

Bus designers are facing new challenges in terms of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Stainless steel offers exciting possibilities – see what makes it an attractive alternative to carbon steel for future mobility.

Create safer and lighter buses while remaining cost competitive – stainless steel makes it possible

The global bus and coach industry is undergoing a profound change. Bus designers now have to embrace alternative traction methods such as hybrid and fully electric, teamed with batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. They also need to consider new lightweight design methods and new materials.

The search for new materials is especially important for the tubular frame that provides the structural backbone of a bus. This is where high strength stainless steels offer exciting possibilities to create safer, lighter and more sustainable buses while remaining cost competitive.

Did you know that the high strength of stainless steel makes it possible to reduce the weight of a bus frame by 1,000 kg or more? Or that by using stainless steel you could reduce the total lifecycle cost of a bus frame by 12% compared to carbon steel?

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Seven reasons to put stainless steel in the frame for buses

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