Health and safety certificate

Avesta's health and safety certificate

The safety of all who work at Outokumpu facilities is of the highest priority. This applies to employees, as well as contractors and visitors to our facilities. Safety is also about protecting our environment.

Safety starts with me

We all have responsibility for our own and our colleagues' safety.


Safety before volume

Nothing is so urgent that it cannot be made safe.


No repetitions

We need to learn from those incidents and accidents that happen so that the same thing will not happen again.


No shortcuts

By being aware of risks, and perform the work on the basis of current routines, we reduce the risk of suffering from accidents.

This training is for the employees and contractors of Avesta Works. It is a part of increasing awareness of the risks and the knowledge of the procedures at our site.

After you have gone through the material, you will finish with a test of your knowledge. Approved test results are valid for three years.

Outokumpu safety first


Online safety course and knowledge test

To receive your certificate, read through the following sections and then take the knowledge test:

1. Introduction

2. General

3. Awareness of the risks

4. Coordination of contractors

5. High-risk work

6. Safe access

7. In case of an accident

8. Test