We need sustainable actions to preserve the planet for future generations. At Outokumpu, we work towards a world that lasts forever.

Stainless steel has a crucial role in accelerating decarbonization. With the industry’s lowest carbon footprint, we support our customers to reduce their value chain emissions - the most challenging emissions to reduce. 

Outokumpu at COP28

Outokumpu joined COP28 with Finnish climate leaders to showcase how low-carbon stainless steel plays a crucial role in tackling climate change on a global scale. 

Watch our COP28 key insight summaries:

Green Steel Accelerating Decarbonization Across Industries

Decarbonization is a long-term investment

Creating solutions for a world that lasts forever

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Leading the green transition in the steel industry

The population of the world is expected to grow, leading to urbanization and requiring more energy and – steel. From basic structures of society to industry, mobility, and household appliances, the demand for stainless steel will grow.

Steel accounts for 7–9% of global carbon emissions. With our products’ total carbon footprint up to 75% lower than the industry average, we enable customers to reach their challenging value chain emission reduction targets. By 2030, we aim to further reduce emissions by 42% per tonne of stainless steel from a 2016 base year.  

Sustainable solutions

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Protecting the climate

Our sustainability is based on environmental, social and governance aspects

Strategia per la sostenibilità

La sostenibilità è al centro del nostro business ed è integrata nella nostra strategia. La nostra strategia per la sostenibilità si compone di tre pilastri: ambiente, società e persone, governance. Abbiamo fissato obiettivi ambiziosi e siamo alla costante ricerca di modi per migliorare ulteriormente le nostre operazioni. Il nostro approccio riflette sia l'importanza della sostenibilità sia le possibilità che offre.

Climate and circularity

To help combat climate change, we have the Science Based Target initiative’s approved climate ambition aligned with 1.5 degree, as the only stainless steel producer globally. In addition, we offer pioneering sustainable and circular solutions for customers. 

Innovative partnerships in the  value chain

70% of our emissions come from our value chain. To achieve our ambitious decarbonization targets, we partner with customers and suppliers to transform the entire value chain together.

People and society

Our people are at the heart of driving innovation and the development of stainless steel. We are committed to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and aim to increase diversity by having at least 30% diverse leaders in international leadership teams by 2025. 

Good governance

We are committed to ethical way of conducting business and strive for continuous improvement and transparency in our sustainability governance. 

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