Our biggest contribution to a more sustainable world is what we develop, manufacture and deliver. On top of that, our firm objective is to minimize the environmental impact of the Group’s operations as much as is economically and technically feasible.

We work in a sustainable way

At our Nyby Operations our people used innovativesolutions to improve our degreasing process. The oil separator from Alfa Laval reduces downtime, the needof chemicals, transport/destruction of oily liquids and reduces our carbonfootprint.

Recycling and production

Sustainability in our operations stands for a safe and healthy workplace and continuous development of our processes to minimize the environmental impact of stainless steel production. We strongly believe that the actions we have taken so far have made us the best in the industry, but we are always trying to improve our performance. We develop our operations every day, step by step. Each step takes us closer to our target – a sustainable society.

How we operate in sustainability

All of Outokumpu's production sites employ certified ISO Quality and Environmental Management Systems. All these Group systems operate in accordance with the Group Environment, Health, Safety, Quality and Energy Efficiency (EHSQ&En) policy. All of Outokumpu’s productions units and service centers have certified ISO 9001 quality management systems and all production sites have certified their Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001. Additionally, several sites are certified according to ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency Management System.

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How we manage environmental impacts

Outokumpu operates in a material and energy intensive industry. Improved environmental efficiency at Outokumpu is based on long-term efforts and continual improvement. We are constantly moving towards more sustainable operations both by improving existing processes and by developing completely new ways of working in a more environmentally efficient way.


The basis of this work is the EHSQ&En policy and coordination. All Outokumpu production units report their environmental and energy figures as air emissions, energy use, water emissions, or waste facts in Outokumpu’s internal Energy & Environmental Reporting system. We are also committed to the development of innovative solutions and new products to help reduce impact on the environment. This information will be distributed throughout the company to make optimum use of these advances.

Our key environmental objectives are to prevent environmental incidents, to reduce emissions into water and air, to improve energy efficiency and to optimize the use of water. The enhanced use of recycled steel as raw material and the reduction of process waste are also important.

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