Outokumpu recognizes that our success is based on our people and the communities that surround our operations. One way of taking care of all our stakeholders is making safety our first priority.

Safety of our employees and anyone visiting at our sites is our number one priority: we believe all injuries can be prevented and strive towards our ultimate goal of zero accidets through continuous improvement of our safety working practices. Read more about our safety culture.

Outokumpu works to support the development of our people. A part of this is the ongoing performance management and training of our employees. These are complemented by fair remuneration practices. Read more about our people.

Outokumpu participates actively and openly in the life of communities it operates in, where Outokumpu is typically a major employer. In addition to economic impact, Outokumpu engages in dialogue with community members about relevant topics. Our values require compliance with international and local legislation and conducting business in an ethical way with all our stakeholders. Read more on the Outokumpu and society.