Façades and circular economy: Insights from the most sustainable stainless steel producer

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Nov 3, 2021 4:00 PM CET / UTC +1

1 hour

Build sustainable with us.

Our third webinar puts focus on sustainable design and how you can contribute  to a circular economy. What are the advantages of using stainless steel compared to other commonly used metals? Join us for industry-leading insights. 


Our webinar covers the following topics:

  • Carbon footprint and circular economy– what is Outokumpu committed to and how are we achieving it
  • Green buildings with Outokumpu stainless steel
  • LEED rating and stainless steel - What does an EPD tell you?
  • Metal considerations in achieving Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment goals
  • Comparing stainless steel with other common architectural metals


Juha Erkkilä

VP – Group Sustainability, Excellence & Reliability

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Juha Erkkilä is an experienced metallurgist with a burning passion towards sustainability. He is heavily involved in Outokumpu’s efforts to achieve carbon-neutrality, along with several other areas of sustainability. 

Camilla Kaplin

Senior Manager, Environment

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Camilla Kaplin is responsible for several environmental and sustainability aspects of Outokumpu’s products, including life cycle assessment, environmental product declarations and product compliance.

Catherine Houska

President, Catherine Houska Consulting LLC

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Catherine Houska is an internationally recognized consultant on architectural and structural metals with over 35 years of experience, author of more than 200 publications and frequent speaker. Catherine consults globally during design on selection for corrosion performance, finishes, specification, sustainability issues, product evaluation and other topics. 


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