Consistently high quality and delivery reliability for forging and processing applications.

Outokumpu ingots are utilized for forging or rolled into large heavy billets and bars. Our ingots are produced by uphill teeming/bottom-filling into fixed sized molds. We provide stainless steel ingots in a range of grades, along with expert advice for forging and processing.


Weight (tonnes) Surface finish Upper size (mm) Lower size (mm)
5.7 Black 629 x 629 452 x 452
7.2 Black 790 x 790 640 x 640
19.6 (slab ingot) Black 765 x 1,773 621 x 1,632

Working towards a world that lasts forever

Sustainability is at the heart of our operations and for us that means working toward long-term solutions that ecological, economical and socially responsible.

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