Materials in bridges: a designer’s perspective

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March 10, 2022

1 hour

Make the right material choice

Designer’s perspective on material options – Héctor Beade-Pereda, Knight Architects


Award-winning designer Héctor Beade-Pereda shares his views on how you choose the right materials for beauty and excellence. Learn from a world-renowned designer with extensive experience in every stage of a bridge project and take a look at the very first stainless steel road bridge in the UK.

  • Influence of material in bridge appearance and user experience
  • Stainless steel as a material choice
  • Case New Pooley Bridge, UK

Environmental conditions favoring stainless steel – Andy Backhouse, Outokumpu


Location matters in material selection. Get industry-leading insights on what are the most optimal environments for stainless steel infrastructure.

Héctor Beade-Pereda

Design Director at Knight Architects

Héctor is Design Director at Knight Architects and bridge designer with a worldwide reputation. Creating bridges that improve the quality of the built world has been his foremost aim as a designer during his almost 20-year long career. In this time, he has been directly and meaningfully involved in every stage of the bridge project lifecycle, from conception to construction completion.

This extensive expertise has allowed him to be responsible for the conception of numerous bridges, many of them award-winning designs, that meet all the project requirements while simultaneously adopting an aesthetically, functionally and structurally holistic approach to design.

Héctor was awarded the extremely prestigious IABSE Prize 2016 in recognition of his holistic approach to bridge design.

Andy Backhouse

Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu

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Andrew is responsible for technical market development for Outokumpu with a focus on applications for stainless steel technology in structural engineering, especially bridge as well as energy applications such as nuclear power, solar power and other renewable energy sectors.

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