Outokumpu's ResponsibleSteel certification: A green milestone

As Outokumpu celebrates a century of steelmaking at its Avesta site, we take pride in our legacy and the remarkable achievements that have shaped our journey, such as receiving the ResponsibleSteel certification across our European operations. This milestone highlights Outokumpu's commitment to responsible sourcing, production, and environmental care.

In May 2024, Outokumpu had the honor of being the first Nordic company receiving the ResponsibleSteel certification for all its manufacturing sites in Europe. The certification process rigorously assessed Outokumpu's environmental impact, highlighting its dedication to minimizing its footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future, showcasing its long-term commitment towards building a world that lasts forever. The ResponsibleSteel initiative is the first international standard created to ensure the responsible sourcing and production of steel worldwide and Outokumpu has been a part of it since 2019.

The certification process begins with internal awareness-raising and self-assessments, followed by a two-stage audit process. Throughout the process, the company must demonstrate compliance with 13 principles, 60 criteria, and over 500 requirements related to environmental, social, and governance aspects of their operations. External stakeholder engagement is also a key part of the ResponsibleSteel certification process. An independent auditor, DNV, conducted this outreach in local languages to gather feedback from stakeholders on Outokumpu's operations. The company also held a webinar to update stakeholders on the certification and gather their feedback.

Recycled steel in the Avesta scrapyard

“The ResponsibleSteel certification is both about the process and the result. The certification process was extensive, including for example site-specific self-assessments with related audits and on-site interviews with workers and contractors. As for the result, we received excellent feedback on our achievements, especially on decarbonization and our efforts to ensure a good and safe place to work. The process also helped us to identify further actions to build on our sustainability ambition – such as those related to stakeholder engagement, social responsibility as well as biodiversity and water management across our value chain. It also increased credibility and transparency of our overall sustainability work,” says Christian Dufhaus, Senior Vice President of Operations in Avesta.

The ResponsibleSteel certification serves as proof of Outokumpu's commitment to excellence in sustainability. This success is not an end point, but rather a stepping stone towards even greater environmental and social responsibility. Outokumpu is committed to finding new ways to minimize its environmental footprint and maximize its positive impact.

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