Outokumpu provides the Helpline as confidential contact and communication channel which allows employees and third parties reporting suspected or observed misconduct granting confidentiality and full privacy. The information can be forwarded anonymously for the attention of the Head of Internal Audit.

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All reported cases of suspected or observed misconduct cases will be resolved efficiently, fully, and without delay. If you prefer personal contact to Internal Audit by e-mail, mail, or phone, you may apply below stated contact data.


Internal Audit

Internal Audit is an independent and objective Business Support Function serving as integral element of the Outokumpu Governance, Risk and Compliance model. Internal Audit monitors adherence to Group Operating Principles, Standards, and Procedures, and investigates alleged misconduct and non-compliant behaviors and activities. Internal Audit reports directly to the Audit Committee and the CEO.

Andreas Denis Mayer
SVP, Head of Internal Audit
BSF Internal Audit

Phone: +49 2151 834270
Mobile: +49 172 150 2764


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