Get industry-leading insights on why and how to use stainless steels

As today’s oil and gas infrastructure calls for advanced materials suitable for harsh environments, stainless steels offer a wealth of unbeatable advantages. Learn how stainless steels can help you deliver world-class, cost-effective solutions to minimize the risk of downtime or leakage while also meeting your climate objectives.

We are hosting a three part webinar series on stainless steels for oil & gas industry applications – from material selection, specifying and testing to welding. Sign up now for detailed insights and expertise from Outokumpu.


Past webinars

Successful welding of duplex stainless steels
This webinar deals with welding duplex alloys. Learn the essential procedures and guidelines in one hour, including tips on best practises and how to overcome typical issues.
Paul Janiak R&D Manager at Outokumpu
Specifying and testing alloys for Oil and Gas applications
Make sure you reach the right level of performance. With focus on the structure of stainless steel, in this webinar you'll learn how to ensure good material performance in different applications with various specifying and testing methods, and how Outokumpu can help you with in-depth technical expertise and customer support.
Peter Bamforth Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
Björn Helmersson Research Engineer Specialist at Outokumpu
Meeting the material challenges of Oil and Gas corrosion
How do you get the vital combination of corrosion resistance and strength? Watch the first webinar in our three-part oil & gas webinar series to learn the properties and benefits of a range of different corrosion resistant alloys – austenitic, duplex and nickel – available for all your applications in the oil & gas industry.
Rodrigo Signorelli Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
Dr. Bernd Beckers Project Sales Manager at Outokumpu

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