Stainless steel for buses and coaches

The global bus and coach industry is in a period of profound change. Demand and production volumes are growing and designers face new challenges in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The new designs have to embrace alternative traction methods such as hybrid and fully-electric, teamed with batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. Furthermore, designers need to consider new lightweight design methods and materials.

Framing the future with stainless steel

Outokumpu stainless steels help designers to create buses and coaches with reduced weight, less maintenance, longer lifetime, improved CO2 footprint and increased safety for passengers. From frame structures and sidewalls to battery housings and electric engines for state-of-the-art electric buses, our stainless steels have the features to enable all this. We offer a variety of grades in plate and sheet, coil, strip and precision strip. Our stainless steels for bus manufacturing include the latest purpose-designed fully austenitic ultra-high strength stainless steels, as well as lean duplex and ferritic grades to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Benefits of stainless steel for buses


  • Sidewalls
  • Frame structures
  • Seat structures
  • Battery housings
  • Electric engines
  • Crash safety relevant components
  • Trim elements, small parts and accessories


  • Reduced weight
  • Less maintenance
  • Longer vehicle lifetime
  • Lower lifecycle cost
  • Better heat resistance
  • Improved COfootprint
  • Increased safety for passengers