Sustainability downloads

Download sustainability documents, such as Outokumpu's sustainability reviews, policies and product safety fact sheets.

Sustainability policies

Code of Conduct
Corporate Responsibility Policy
Human Rights Policy
Supplier Code of Conduct
General Procurement Supplier Requirements
Health and safety policy
Modern Slavery Statement 2021
Modern Slavery Statement 2022
Tax statement

Sustainability reviews

Sustainability review 2023
Sustainability Review 2022
Sustainability review 2021
Sustainability review 2020
Sustainability review 2019
Sustainability review 2018
Sustainability review 2017
Sustainability review 2016
Sustainability report 2015
Sustainability report 2014
Sustainability report 2013
Sustainability report 2012
Sustainability review 2011
Sustainability review 2010 - business and sustainability
Sustainability review 2010 - people and society
Outokumpu sustainability review 2009
Sustainability report 2008
Sustainability report 2007

LEED fact sheets

LEED information 2023

Product safety information sheets

Outokumpu RoHS 2024
Outokumpu REACH 2024
Outokumpu ELV and GADSL 2024
Outokumpu EU Safety Information Sheet Nickel Alloy
Outokumpu EU safety information sheet stainless steel