Outokumpu stainless steel product forms

Wide portfolio of flat and long products

Outokumpu product forms

Outokumpu products come in flat products: coil, strip, precision strip, sheet, plate and quarto plate as well as long products: billets, blooms, slabs, ingots, wire rod, rebar and bar. We produce stainless steels in austenitic, ferritic, duplex, martensitic and precipitation hardened grades. All our products meet the strictest standards with respect to material and surface properties and tolerances.


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Spule und Streifen Bobina, fleje y hojas o chapas laminadas en frío Banda de precisión Bobinas, flejes y placas de acero inoxidable laminados en caliente Placa Quarto Productos largos de acero inoxidable semiterminados Barra de acero inoxidable  Barra de refuerzo  Alambrón Componentes especializados Ferrocromo Subproductos de proceso

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May 15, 2018