Automotive & transportation Stainless steel for railway

For passenger, freight, metro or light rail transit and metro systems, stainless steel carries the load effortlessly. A wide variety of grades enhance safety, reduce weight and resist corrosion. 

A material that is both strong and lightweight is essential in passenger vehicles. High-strength Outokumpu Forta and Supra grades and ferritic Moda grades are commonly used, and have the added value of long service life. Deco surface finishes add elegance and easy maintenance.

In freight vehicles, stainless steel extends vehicle life, expands load-carrying ability, reduces maintenance and improves performance when transporting heavy commodities. For freight containers and tanks, Forta and Supra are solid solutions. For coal and ore freight wagons, ferritic grades go head to head with carbon steels while delivering greater corrosion resistance

Benefits of using stainless steel in railway


  • Passenger rail systems
  • Light Rail and Metro systems
  • Freight vehicles


  • Excellent formability and durability
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Long service life
  • Superior crash resistance and fire safety


  • Optimized production; reliable supply chain
  • Grades tailored to specific needs
  • Grade selection advice and applied testing


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