Code of Conduct

Responsible and ethical business as a foundation of our success

Page last updated: 14.06.2023

Outokumpu is strongly committed to legal compliance and an ethical way of conducting business. The aim of Outokumpu's Code of Conduct is to ensure that all Outokumpu employees live up to our Ethical Principles, Ways of Working and highest standards of integrity. The Code of Conduct guides us by setting examples and giving practical advice so that we are able to make the right choices. In addition to our Code of Conduct, we also comply with applicable laws and regulations in all our operating countries and we expect the same from our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders. 

"Responsible and ethical business practices can never be compromised, and we all are responsible for maintaining a high level of integrity while pursuing our strategy and targets in all market circumstances."   

Heikki Malinen, President and CEO

Outokumpu Code of Conduct

Explore our Code of Conduct on these web pages or download the document by clicking the link below. In addition, Outokumpu has a Supplier Code of Conduct. All suppliers and subcontractors are expected to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct or similar standards. 

Download our Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct and other requirements

Code of Conduct topics

Our Ethical Principles

Outokumpu is committed to conduct business with high integrity. Outokumpu respects and promotes human rights and conducts business in a safe, sustainable and ethical manner. Read more about our four key Ethical Principles that guide the way we act towards our employees, customers, other business partners and society.

We operate safely, always

Read more about how everyone working for Outokumpu has the right to a safe and healthy working environment.

We leverage the power of One Outokumpu

Read more about how we work together to provide best value for our customers and business partners, purchase responsibly, protect company assets, information and privacy of personal data, safeguard insider information and communicate with external audiences.

We deliver

Read more about our corporate governance, how we avoid conflicts of interest, ensure financial integrity and prevent money laundering. 

We value and grow people and diversity

Read more about our respectful employment practices, working conditions and the rights of our employees.

We act sustainably

Read more about how sustainability is an integral part of all Outokumpu operations, activities and decisions making and how we cooperate with local communities. 

We are a trusted partner

Read more about our zero tolerance to corruption, gifts and entertainment and travel expenses rules and know your business partner and competition law compliance requirements.  

How to raise concerns?

We encourage everyone to speak up

At Outokumpu we are committed to transparency and open communication. We encourage all employees, business partners and stakeholders to raise concerns, if there is an alleged violation of our Code of Conduct or other misconduct. Outokumpu has a SpeakUp channel in place, hosted by a third party, where concerns can be raised in a confidential manner.