Get industry-leading insights on why and how to use stainless steels

As today’s oil and gas infrastructure calls for advanced materials suitable for harsh environments, stainless steels offer a wealth of unbeatable advantages. Learn how stainless steels can help you deliver world-class, cost-effective solutions to minimize the risk of downtime or leakage while also meeting your climate objectives.

We are hosting a three part webinar series on stainless steels for oil & gas industry applications – from material selection, specifying and testing to welding. Sign up now for detailed insights and expertise from Outokumpu.


Past webinars

Insights and best practices of tank fabrication
This storage tank webinar offers key insights and first-hand experience on fabricating storage tanks. Find out what made specialist tank builder GPI Tanks-XL choose Outokumpu’s duplex stainless steel, and what you need to consider when fabricating tanks out of duplex. You will also learn all the essentials of welding duplex stainless steels for your storage tanks.
Enzo Panella Sales Director at GPI Tanks-XL
Ravi Vishnu Research Engineer Specialist at Outokumpu
How material selection and design work hand-in-hand
Pick the right steel grade for your environment. This webinar deals with the key considerations for selecting the right materials and optimizing design to keep your storage tanks operational for decades. Outokumpu’s experts shed light on how duplex stainless steel tackles the challenge of corrosion in various environments and what types of design choices are ideal for a long service life.
Claes Tigerstrand Senior Technical Manager, Heavy Industry at Outokumpu
Sustainable tank solutions of today
This webinar puts focus on materials that help you make storage tanks more sustainable. Find out the advantages of high performance duplex stainless steel grades compared to other commonly used materials. Get expert insights on reducing the carbon footprint and lifecycle cost of your storage tanks with a weight saving and extremely corrosion resistant material.
Dr. Barbara Mundt Manager, Product and Application Sustainability, Advanced Materials
Claes Tigerstrand Senior Technical Manager, Heavy Industry at Outokumpu
Meeting the material challenges of Oil and Gas corrosion
How do you get the vital combination of corrosion resistance and strength? Watch the first webinar in our three-part oil & gas webinar series to learn the properties and benefits of a range of different corrosion resistant alloys – austenitic, duplex and nickel – available for all your applications in the oil & gas industry.
Rodrigo Signorelli Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu
Dr. Bernd Beckers Project Sales Manager at Outokumpu