Kemi Mine

Business Area Ferrochrome

When it comes to chrome, an essential ingredient in stainless steel production, Outokumpu is unique among the world’s stainless steel producers in having its own chrome mine.

At Outokumpu’s Kemi Mine, conveniently located just 20 kilometers from Outokumpu’s Tornio Works, all mining operations take place underground. The mine is the source of chromite ore that is concentrated into upgraded lumpy ore and fine concentrate through sophisticated industrial operations at the surface. Both are then transported to the Tornio Ferrochrome Works for processing.

Sustainability is a priority at Outokumpu. No chemicals are used in the gravity concentration process at the Kemi Mine.

Other divisions of Outokumpu in Tornio include the Outokumpu Chrome Oy ferrochrome works; Outokumpu Stainless Oy, which operates the stainless steel plant; and Outokumpu Shipping Oy, which operates the port.

Chromite ore deposits were discovered in Kemi in 1959. Mine operations and ferrochrome production began in 1968. The mine was expanded in 1985 with the launch of Tornio’s second ferrochrome smelting furnace and in 2013 with the opening of a third ferrochrome smelting furnace. Kemi mine production moved underground in 2003. The mine’s open pit was exhausted in 2005. Total ore reserves amount to 50 million tonnes.

Please find safety, environment and access pass related material via Outokumpu Stainless Oy website.

Key capabilities

Exclusive source of chromite ore

  • The only chrome mine in the European Union, the Kemi Mine makes Outokumpu uniquely self-sufficient

Complete production chain

  • The Kemi Mine is an integral part of the Tornio Works, the most fully integrated steel plant in the world

Committed to sustainability

  • No chemicals are used in the concentration process at the Kemi Mine

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