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Duplex tanks in different environments


Outokumpu’s duplex stainless steel is well suited to storage tank applications in various environments, thanks to its high strength and exceptional corrosion resistance. However, there are many things to consider when choosing the material for your storage tanks. Our recent article gives you concrete advice on what to take into account.

Rising to the challenge of flexible pipes


Mathias Norlin, Project Sales Manager, explains how Outokumpu meets exacting specifications set by oil and gas engineers when specifying material to manufacture flexible pipes for offshore projects.

Duplex for storage tanks


Outokumpu’s Duplex Guide for Storage Tanks walks you through all the key information on duplex stainless steel as a storage tank material, from mechanical strength to corrosion resistance, and grade selection to sustainability.

Duplex in high temperatures


Customers across a variety of industries often approach Outokumpu with enquiries about using duplex stainless steel at higher temperatures. Specifically, they want to know the practical maximum operating temperature that will not impact the performance and reliability of their material.