New opportunities with modular bridges

Introducing case AVA bridge, UK

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Feb 17, 2022

1 hour

Why build modular bridges out of stainless steel?

Stainless steel in bridges – Andy Backhouse, Outokumpu


Duplex stainless steel grades are ideal for bridges. Thanks to a combination of strength and corrosion resistance, you can build durable and sustainable structures at a reduced cost. Get an expert introduction to duplex grades.


Case AVA bridge, UK – Noel Lovatt, X-Treme Systems, and Hazel Needham, Expedition Engineering


Meet the pioneering AVA bridge: a prefabricated modular stainless steel footbridge for railway stations. Simple and quick to install, the AVA prototype has potential for adoption across the UK. AVA, a consortium of companies including Network Rail, is revolutionising the way footbridges are built across the rail network, reducing time, cost and carbon in the process.


Benefits of AVA compared to traditional bridge designs

  • 34% lower cost
  • 56% lower CO₂emissions
  • 75% reduction in project time
  • Makes stations more accessible

Andy Backhouse

Lead Technical Manager at Outokumpu

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Andrew is responsible for technical market development for Outokumpu with a focus on applications for stainless steel technology in structural engineering, especially bridge as well as energy applications such as nuclear power, solar power and other renewable energy sectors.

Noel Lovatt

Director at Xtreme Systems Ltd

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Noel Lovatt has been working within the AVA consortium as the manufacturing partner. He and his team will be manufacturing and assembling the AVA demonstrator. Noel has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and developing organisations in this industry.

Hazel Needham

Senior Engineer at Expedition Engineering

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Hazel Needham is the engineer leading the structural design of the AVA Footbridge. She has worked on the project from its conception through to the detailed design phase and recently won the IABSE Nethercot Prize for her paper on the AVA Footbridge titled Design for Manufacture.

Expedition Engineering is a multi award-winning engineering consultancy. Working across a range of built environment disciplines, they take pride in making a positive impact through a collaborative process.

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