Ensuring reliable production

Magnus Bohlin

In his role as Reliability Engineer at Outokumpu’s Avesta facility, Magnus Bohlin keeps his fingers on the pulse of state-of-the-art hot rolling mill operations. Working in the mill’s maintenance department, he is part of a team that solves complex mechanical problems to keep the mill running.

“Unplanned breakdowns are extremely costly and result in lost production time,” Magnus Bohlin says. “For those reasons, we’re moving in a different direction, one that centers on preventive maintenance.”

Interacting with colleagues, Magnus starts his day with a brief review of mill production for the preceding 24 hours, a discussion of the new day’s tasks and updates on special considerations. Workplace safety is a constant focus. In between meetings with suppliers, mechanics and production people, Magnus regularly pops into the mill to keep an eye on things. “It’s always nice to have a look,” he says.


Unique collaborative opportunities

Long fascinated by machinery, Magnus says his work at Avesta is an ideal match for his interests. “To produce stainless steel, you need big, advanced and unique machinery, and that’s what drew me in,” he says. “You don’t buy these machines off the shelf. They’re custom-made for Outokumpu.”

Collaborating with leading manufacturers, Magnus gives input for development of new machinery. “We also assist manufacturers with their development projects by testing new equipment. It’s exciting to be part of it,” he says. “From an engineering point of view, it provides a very interesting, very unusual opportunity.”

And stainless steel is at the heart of it. “Some of the material we make is unique and very difficult to produce. Outokumpu is the only manufacturer that can produce some of this material,” he says. “It’s very rewarding work -- we see results quickly. And every day brings new challenges.”

Biography: A second-generation employee (his father also worked at Outokumpu), Magnus Bohlin has been with the company since 2008. A graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where he earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, he is a Reliability Engineer in the Avesta mill’s maintenance department. In his free time, father of three enjoys family-friendly outdoor activities like skiing and cycling.

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