We foster diversity and create a work
environment that allows all team-members to
contribute and to develop.
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Respectful employment practices

Outokumpu fully respects human rights and dignity and adheres to internationally recognized human and labor rights and standards.
All Outokumpu employees must always treat each other and all stakeholders with respect and fairness. Outokumpu fosters the diversity of our workforce and expects every Outokumpu employee to support this continuous effort.

Outokumpu does not tolerate discrimination against any employee on the grounds of their racial or ethnic background, age, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, family status, social origins, political opinions, union membership or other such characteristics. Outokumpu fosters equal opportunity and diversity and ensures employees receive equal pay for work of equal value. Employment decisions will be based solely on business reasons and will be made according to applicable employment laws and regulations.

Any type of discriminating, sexually harassing, abusive, offensive or other type of harassing behavior or verbal expression is not tolerated. This includes all forms of such behavior, including physical, verbal and written acts in any form or channel. 

Working conditions and rights of employees

Outokumpu’s working hours, vacation times, wages and other working conditions are consistent with applicable local laws and international standards. Any form of forced or compulsory labor or the use of child labor in Outokumpu’s own operations or operations of its business partners is not accepted. Employees at Outokumpu have the right to organize themselves, join associations and bargain with the company collectively.

Any activity outside of work at Outokumpu should be clearly separated from Outokumpu employment and must not harm work performance at Outokumpu. Employees of Outokumpu are not allowed to act as, work for or receive payments for services (including board memberships) from any competitor, customer, distributor or supplier of Outokumpu without prior approval from their manager. Outokumpu employees are free to support lawful community, charity, political and religious organizations and causes of their choice, as long as they make it clear that their views and actions are not those of Outokumpu.