We are driven by creating sustainable impact,
environmentally, socially and economically.
Page last updated: 13.12.2022

Unloading the recycling content from the ferry Sustainable operations

In Outokumpu’s view sustainability is a precondition for competitiveness. Sustainability is an integral part of all Outokumpu operations, activities and decision making, from materials purchasing through to production and sales.

Outokumpu is committed to responsible production and aims to minimize the use of resources and the negative impact of its operations on the surrounding environment.

Cooperation with communities

Outokumpu respects the rights and interests of local communities and avoids and minimizes adverse impact. Outokumpu contributes to the community well-being through direct and indirect employment, paying taxes and other community involvement. Outokumpu participates actively and openly in the life of the communities where it operates for example by creating employment opportunities and social well-being. Outokumpu provides training to local employees, also in cooperation with employee representatives and relevant authorities.

Outokumpu supports research and development related to its field of industry and maintains close cooperation with educational institutes.

Sponsorships and donations must be approved in advance. Outokumpu does not take part in or otherwise support political activities whether they are local, communal or national and does not make donations to any political parties or groups.

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