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Page last updated: 13.12.2022

Working together

We work together at Outokumpu to ensure that we provide best value for our customers and other business partners. All business relations between Outokumpu and its business partners must be based on honesty, trust and cooperation. Outokumpu conducts business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and also requires this from its business partners. Outokumpu expects that all its business partners follow similar ethical standards as Outokumpu and become familiar with this Code of Conduct and our Corporate Responsibility Policy.

Outokumpu shall not do business with those who are likely to harm our reputation. All contracts and arrangements Outokumpu enters into with other parties must comply with Outokumpu’s internal policies and applicable laws and regulations.

Responsible purchasing

Outokumpu’s purchasing decisions are made solely based on Outokumpu’s best interests taking into account environmental, economic and social aspects. Suppliers will win Outokumpu business based on best value in use of product or service. Best value means the total amount spent on a particular commitment, including among other things the initial contract price, life-cycle cost of investment, effect on Outokumpu’s production efficiency and quality, commission fees and other transaction costs and taxes.

Outokumpu suppliers must comply, and ensure their sub-suppliers also comply with the requirements in Outokumpu’s Code of Conduct and Supplier Requirements. Suppliers are expected to co-operate in a transparent manner with Outokumpu, including granting Outokumpu the possibility to conduct audits in their facilities. Suppliers must also evaluate and monitor their own supply chain and provide proof of their practices if requested by Outokumpu.

Protecting company assets and information

Office worker with a coffee mug and a laptopOutokumpu employees must treat company assets and information with due care. This includes ensuring their confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Outokumpu has designed and implemented controls to safeguard and protect the company’s assets. Outokumpu assets may among other things be company funds, products, intellectual property, business secrets, industrial and other tools and machines, electronic devices, vehicles and work products. Each Outokumpu employee must protect Outokumpu’s assets they have been entrusted with from loss, damage, misuse and theft. Process owners have the overall accountability for asset protection and defining the criticality of the assets. Company assets may only be used for Outokumpu’s business purposes and to a limited extent for other purposes approved by the management.

All employees must ensure that business secrets and other non-public information is kept confidential and such information is only accessed by and shared to authorized parties. Information and other assets of Outokumpu’s customers, suppliers and other business partners that are under Outokumpu’s responsibility must be protected as if it was our own. 

Protecting privacy of personal data

Outokumpu is committed to the principles of good data protection and complies with applicable data protection laws and regulations. Outokumpu respects the privacy of personal data of employees and all other stakeholders and ensures that personal data is collected and processed only to the extent necessary for pre-determined and legitimate purposes.

Outokumpu communicates openly and clearly about the use of personal data.

Safeguarding insider information

Taking advantage of business secrets when trading with publicly traded shares or other securities is typically illegal. Outokumpu employees may not use non-public information to buy or sell stocks or securities or for other personal gain.

Communicating with external audiences

Outokumpu aims to build long-term relationships with all its business partners through open and accurate communications and marketing.

Outokumpu will always provide fair, accurate and honest information to the public. To ensure professional and consistent communication, all requests from the media should be forwarded to Outokumpu Communications.

Requests from financial analysts, investors and shareholders should always be forwarded to Outokumpu Investor Relations.

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