Outokumpu announces new share incentive schemes for the CEO

Stock exchange release
February 7, 2019 at 4.55 pm EET

Outokumpu announces new share incentive schemes for the CEO

The Board of Directors of Outokumpu Oyj has approved a new Matching Share Plan (MSP) 2019–2020 and a new Performance Share Plan (PSP) with a two (2) years vesting 2019–2020. The plans are for the CEO only, and the delivery of the MSP will happen in December 2020 while for the PSP in March 2021.

The maximum number of gross shares (taxes included) in the Performance Share Plan that can be allocated is 120,000 shares from which applicable taxes will be deducted. The remaining net value will be delivered to the CEO in Outokumpu shares, if the performance criteria set by the Board are met.

The Matching Share Plan matches CEO’s own investment of 56,296 shares on the basis of three Matching Shares for each share of own investment. The total number of Matching Shares will be 168,888 from which applicable taxes will be deducted. The matching shares are subject to a restriction according to which the CEO keeps his own investment in Outokumpu shares unchanged until the end of 2020.

The reward shares will consist of Outokumpu treasury shares and will, therefore, have no diluting effect.

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