Sheffield - SMACC

Business Area Long Products

Outokumpu’s SMACC operation in Sheffield represents both a proud legacy and a clear vision. Committed to being the leader in high performance long products, SMACC provides solutions for the most demanding customer applications.


  • Concast billets: square billets in cross sections, 127 mm, 140 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm; length: between 3.8 m and 12.0 m
  • Blooms in cross sections: 300 mm x 400 mm; length: between 2.0 m and 12.0 m
  • Slabs: Thickness: 150 mm, 180 mm, 300 mm; width: 700 mm – 1,575 mm

Certificates and approvals

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • BS OHSAS 18001
  • AD 2000 – Merkblatt W0

Outokumpu Stainless Ltd - SMACC Melting Shop, Sheffield Operations

Europa Link, S9 1TZ, Sheffield, United Kingdom
P.O. Box 161 Sheffield, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 114 261 5260
VAT: GB248 3734 42

With a proud tradition of steelmaking – the world’s first martensitic stainless steel was invented here more than 100 years ago – Sheffield is home to SMACC (Stainless Melting and Continuous Casting), wire rod mill ASR (Alloy Steel Rods) and bar finishing facility SSB (Sheffield Stainless Bar). Completing the Sheffield operations is the Outokumpu Stainless Distribution and Coil and Plate Service Center.

SMACC produces semi-finished products: slabs, blooms, billets and ingots in an extremely wide selection of grades and an industry-leading range of shapes and sizes, including our 300 mm slab. The exceptional flexibility of our melt shops means we can quickly adjust production schedules to provide short lead times.

Continuously cast billets and blooms are typically used as feedstock for rolling wire rod or bar and can be used in certain forging applications. Continuously cast slabs are typically hot and cold rolled into coil and sheet plate or used in the forging industry. Ingots are usually used for forging and rolling into large heavy billets and bars.

Outokumpu has been producing stainless steel for more than a century. Our legacy of innovation and quality means that we have the right product for every application.

Key capabilities

Tailor-made source material

  • SMACC delivers an exceptional range of semi-finished products in Moda, Core, Supra, Ultra, Forta, Dura, Therma and Prodec® tailored to exacting customer specifications

Uncommon expertise

  • Outokumpu has been producing stainless steel for over a century. Our legacy of innovation and quality means we have the right product for every application

Full chain excellence

  • From melt shop to superior delivery reliability, customized products in austenitic, duplex and martensitic stainless steel

We produce

Semi-finished long products

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