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Mar 3, 2021

1 hour 5 minutes

The bus manufacturing industry has traditionally turned to steel in bus frames for its high strength and availability. Now new types of materials are entering the market, offering a broader scope of benefits and helping designers tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s city busses and coaches.

The global bus industry is in a period of profound change. Designers face new challenges in terms of lightweight structures and have to embrace alternative traction methods. How can stainless steels help? Our Lead Technical Manager, Barbara Mundt presents examples.

Key topics

  • How stainless steels are helping designers to create lightweight busses with reduced maintenance, longer lifetime, improved CO2 footprint and increased safety for more passengers
  • How stainless steels enable cost-competitive designs
  • Stainless steel material properties and lightweight potential calculated by simulations
  • Questions and answers

Dr. Barbara Mundt

Manager, Product and Application Sustainability, Advanced Materials

Barbara is responsible for sustainability within Business Line Advanced Materials. She drives and coordinates activities towards product and application specific sustainability impact and focuses on improvement of product related sustainability.



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