Maximal performance with duplex stainless steel

Duplex stainless steel enables that little extra the customers are looking for

Håkan Rosén, founder of Stainless Steel Yachts Sweden(SSY), has always had a keen interest in life at sea. He started sailing at an early age and has owned a number of recreational boats. He heard about stainless steel, which is extremely resistant to corrosion.“It should be possible to build boats from this material,” he thought.
As Håkan Rosén examined a sailing yacht of stainless steel, he realized it would be too heavy. Inspired by the Vikings, Håkan started to explore how the Vikings managed to sail the seas in wooden longships over a thousand years ago.  
This sparked the idea of incorporating the Viking’s flexible hull construction into the structure of a steel boat. This is how the development of the flexible longitudinal and now patented stringers began, together with stainless steel from Outokumpu, made it possible to build an extremely lightweight boat entirely from stainless steel.The company’s vision is to develop superiors and more sustainable characteristics compared to current glass fiber and aluminum 
“We develop fast, durable, light-weight vessels for private and professional use, such as defense and rescue boats. Our customers are looking for that "little extra," characteristics such as high speed, possibility to carry more cargo, using less fuel or possibility to go through harsh conditions”, says Magnus Ernström, CEO Stainless Steel Yachts Sweden. 


SSY and Outokumpu have been cooperating since the start and see a bright future together.

“Duplex stainless steel’s high strength makes it possible to reduce the thickness of the material by up to 50 percent. This means you can create lightweight structures which need less stainless steel. Before launching a boat, SSY polishes the hull to an almost mirror finish. That has the double advantage of minimizing water friction for more energy-efficient travel and eliminating the need for antifouling paint below the waterline. The boats are lightweight, efficient and environmental friendly. It’s a great showcase for Forta SDX 2507, a super duplex grade. The more sustainability you would like to put into products - the more you need Duplex,” says Peder Claesson, Head of Project Sales at Outokumpu.

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