Degerfors Quarto Plate

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Outokumpu’s largest plate mill, Degerfors would be noteworthy for its output alone. But Degerfors is also famed as a leading global manufacturer of tailor-made stainless steel quarto plates.

The Degerfors mill specializes in stainless steel heavy plates – quarto plates – in nearly infinite forms. Boasting a uniquely comprehensive program of wide dimensional and alloy products, Degerfors offers more than 60 grades and 300 custom-made variations.

Using highly advanced, state-of-the-art technology, Degerfors manufactures the world’s largest share of products in Pro family austenitic and duplex stainless steels. Demonstrating exceptional versatility, the mill produces quarto plates in dimensions up to 110 mm in thickness, 3,200 mm in width and 13,500 mm in length.

In addition to standard grades and dimensions, Degerfors offers prefabricated plates that are cut or cut-to-shape to specified size with edges prepared for subsequent welding. Press break and roll-forming are among the prefabrication services available at Degerfors.

The Degerfors site also includes a production unit for Long Products, Outokumpu Stainless AB – Degerfors Stainless (part of Long Products BA), and a nearby Plate Service Center, PSC Nordic, specializing in plasma cutting, water jet cutting and bending of plates.

Degerfors has a proud history in metal production dating to the 17th century, when the city’s first ironworks was founded. In 2014, Outokumpu set the stage for a new era in steelmaking through completion of a major investment in the Degerfors mill.


Working in Degerfors

Outokumpu employs about 550 people in Degerfors. Please visit our career portal to discover open employment opportunities at our Quarto Plate, PSC Nordic and Degerfors Long Products Units. For other questions, please contact HR at

Key capabilities

Well suited to any project

  • Quarto plate in dozens of grades and 300 tailor-made variations

Exceptional versatility

  • Pro family stainless steel grades in Forta, Therma and Ultra ranges


  • Extensive prefabrication services customized to the most exacting specifications

We produce

Quarto plate

Degerfors downloads

American-Bureau-of-Shipping-approved-steel-mills-for-Outokumpu-Degerfors-QP-and-LP (1)
ABS certificate of steel mills facility and process approval STML-T1862334
Outokumpu Degerfors Operations certificate AD2000-Merkblatt W0 (DE)
Outokumpu Degerfors Operations certificate AD2000-Merkblatt W0 (ENG)
Outokumpu Degerfors Operations certificate QA PED 2014_68_EU (DE)
Outokumpu Degerfors Operations certificate QA PED 2014_68_EU (ENG)
Scope of approval for material manufacturer acc. to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014_68_EU, annex 1 pt. 4.3 and AD 2000-Guideline W 0
DNV Approval of Manufacturer Certificate AMMM00000XU Rev5
Certificate ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015 ENG Outokumpu Stainless AB Degerfors Operations
Approved Manufacturer of Steel Plates, Strip, Sections & Bars - LR2457956WA
NORSOK M-650 N08926-N08367 MDS R15 rev6 QTR rev7
NORSOK M-650 S31803-S32205 MDS D45 rev5 QTR rev4
NORSOK M-650 S31254 MDS R15 rev5 QTR rev 3
NORSOK M-650 S32304 MDS D35 rev5 QTR rev 2
NORSOK M-650 S32750 MDS D55 rev5 QTR rev 18
NORSOK M-650 S32760 MDS D55 rev5 QTR rev 3
NORSOK M-650 N08926-N08367 MDS R15 rev6 QTR rev8
NORSOK M-650 S31254 MDS R15 rev6 QTR rev4
NORSOK M-650 S31803-S32205 MDS D45 rev6 QTR rev5
NORSOK M-650 S32750 MDS D55 rev6 QTR rev19
NORSOK M-650 S32760 MDS D55 rev6 QTR rev4
ResponsibleSteel Certificate - Outokumpu Advanced Materials
Degerfors - Declaration of Performance
Certificate of conformity of the factory production control

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