How stainless steel is made?

Outokumpu is the only stainless steel producer who has a fully integrated production chain. It starts 500 meters underground in Kemi, Finland, where chrome is mined for all Outokumpu melt shops across the world. Company has significant advantage as its ferrochrome smelter – the largest in the world – that is located right next to melt shop in Tornio.

Stainless steel production includes melt shop, hot rolling and cold rolling. End product may be for example coils, sheet, bar, wire or plate depending on which production unit it was produced at. Finishing touches to the stainless steel are made at the service centers near customers who will turn it into for example skyscrapers, spoons or valves…only sky is the limit! Take a look yourself: stainless production in 8 minutes!

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Outokumpu's four value propositions: recycling maximized, nothing to hide, pays for itself and indispensability showcase Outokumpu's strengths, which answer to key sustainability needs. By selecting Outokumpu's stainless steel, our customers also benefit from these in their own sustainability efforts.