Roba Metals rolls out Outokumpu Circle Green® to the Benelux region

December 8, 2023

Roba Metals, a major distributor serving the Benelux region, received its first coils of Outokumpu’s Circle Green® Stainless Steel that has the lowest carbon footprint in the world. Circle Green helps customers to build a more sustainable future by reducing their carbon footprint by up to 93% compared to the global industry average.


Naomi Sapir, legal and sustainability manager & Maurice Rothkrantz, Managing Director of Roba Metal Processing, said: 

"Sustainability is gaining in importance with our customers. So as a multi-metal distributor we were delighted to take our first delivery of Circle Green coils as an extension of our long-standing collaboration with Outokumpu. As well as increasing the availability of CO2-reduced stainless steel for our existing customers it is a key step in attracting new customers who want to make stainless steel products that contribute to a world that lasts forever"

Roba Metals minimizes the carbon emissions associated with transportation by purchasing as much of its stainless stock as possible from European suppliers. And in a move designed to further improve the sustainability of this ground-breaking material, this delivery of the first Circle Green coils was arranged by a fully-electric Volvo truck to the Roba Metals facility in Genk, with the support of the DFDS transport company. DFDS Business Development Manager, Steven De Caluwe joined the party to present the benefits of their new low emission fleet.

Geert De Bleser, Outokumpu General Manager Benelux, noted

"The first delivery of the Circle Green coils to Roba Metals is part of an overall strategy to make the green material widely available in the Benelux countries. Outokumpu has established a close collaboration in making the sales teams on both sides aware of the advantages and possibilities compared to other stainless steel products. It was good to see the enthusiasm of Roba Metals for this first order and the interest to further develop sales of Circle Green."

A final word goes to Jean-Luc Spire, Outokumpu Head of Sales West-Europe: 

"I’m very glad to see Benelux getting on board with the development of sales for the Circle Green product range and bringing a -certified- Scope 1+2+3 low carbon option to the market, down to 0.5 t/CO2 per ton of Stainless Steel.  The material to Roba metals was delivered with a CO2 footprint of 560 kg  CO2e/t stainless steel. It was a great pleasure to join our long-term partner Roba Metals to mark the occasion by sharing a nice piece of cake while discussing the steps we can take together toward a more sustainable future."



Published Dec 08, 2023